British Style Collective

British Style Collective, Liverpool, 8/7/17

This year the Clothes Show had changed, it had a new name ‘The British Style Collective’ and it also had a new location in Liverpool! With plenty of locations across the city, Liverpool was buzzing. Fashion, Style, Dance and Celebrities this was my perfect day out!

The Exhibition Centre Shopping Halls – The hall was full of gorgeous brands that had their own individual stands. You were able to enter each stand and immerse yourself in their individual collections whether that be Fashion, Gifts, Nails, Makeup or Accessories. The hall was packed with so much to see we felt completely overwhelmed (in a good way!) when we first walked in. We spent two hours walking round the stands and picked up a few goodies and spotted a few celebs.

IMG_1586   IMG_1589   IMG_1588

The Echo Arena Catwalk Show – This was the most incredible spectacle, full of incredible outfits, dances and acts. With Kimberley Walsh presenting it really was an amazing show  and felt like something people would normally pay a lot of money to witness. Each dance routine had its own theme from Pink to Vintage Circus. The dancers would perform alongside singers, musician and acrobats. So many beautiful and unique outfits were paraded around the stage, my one and only criticism is that at no point were we told who the designers or brands were. Maybe thats just me being a picky fashion enthusiast, but I would loved to have known who all the designers were for the catwalk.

IMG_1592     IMG_1638     IMG_1642  IMG_1620     IMG_1647








Overall a fun and fabulous day full of fashion, beauty and style. It was great to see a new take on the old Clothes show in a new city. Definitely worth a trip next year!

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