Puppy Life

When we first me her.


We got our little Westie Puppy, Clover, on April 14th 2017. She was absoulty adorable and settled in really easily. She was a little bit sick on the journey home but I guess it’s a big journey for such a little thing.


Willow and Clovers first meeting

She soonΒ made friends with our four year old yellow Labrador, Willow. Infact she was desperate to play with her, but poor Willow didn’t quite know how to play with such a tiny white ball of fluff. But needless to say they have great fun playing now that Clover is a bit bigger.





Toilet training has been a lot more difficult then with our Labrador who didn’t take long to realise what to do. Poor Clover has been slower at understanding, but she is getting there now with few accidents happening inside.

She is truly a bundle of joy and energy. Her little character is starting to shine through and she is the most loving puppy in the world. She is always happy to see you no matter how long you have been away.

Attention, Love and Food is all she needs in life!!!

Many more adventures and tales are ahead for this little scruff ball and I am very happy to say she is our little scruff ball!


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