A few of my beauty essentials

Every girl has their own beauty essentials and I recently had a little stock up on mine. So here are some of mine and why they are essentials in my everyday life.



Hand Food from Soap and Glory is my all time favourite hand cream! Dew to Raynaud’s disease in my hands they are often cold and dry, so a big tub of hand cream is always an essentials. This hand cream is none greasy and smells lovely so it’s perfect! I also have a mini one in my handbag.





Dry Shampoo from Batiste is probably everyone’s favourite dry shampoo! I am clinging onto the last of the summer by buying the tropical scent. It is a must have for me as it can rescue those bad hair days and can add texture to my hair when I am curling it or doing an up do.




Heat Protection Spray from Schwarzkopf is a must have to protect my hair from damage and split ends when using styling tools. I’ve had short hair since April this year and found I have been straightening it a lot more to keep it neat and tidy. I have been through a lot of heat protection and it seems to be working, no split ends yet! (touch wood)


IMG_2199Simply Sensitive Boots eye cream and night moisturiser are must haves as I have dry skin and using something delicate but hydrating is exactly what I need. I use these every night after I have taken off my makeup and a little goes a long way! At only £1.99 each they are affordable and work a treat at keeping my skin healthy.





Peel-Off face masks from 7th Heaven are something I try to use once a week (if I remember). They are my favourite type of mask as there is no mess when removing them, and physically pulling the mask off you can see all the dead skin cells coming away. Again I think because I have dry skin that’s why I enjoy using these masks.


IMG_2198Passion fruit and Pineapple Body Mist from Anovia is a light fruity scent perfect for days at home when I don’t want to be wearing a heavy perfume. I much prefer fruity scents over floral ones and this is the perfect amount of sweet, and at 99p! you can’t complain.



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