September Feels

It’s pouring down with rain and it’s my turn to walk the dog but luckily for me come 11am it’s lovely and sunny and the rain has cooled off for a bit.

It’s that end of summer not quiet autumn feel outside. You look out the window and wonder what to wear, it’s a little to warm for a big winter coat but not warm enough for no coat at all. Layers! layers is the answer! t-shirt, jumper and a lightweight coat. Wellies were also very much needed on this walk, as thick mud covered all the footpaths. Poor Willow came home with very muddy paws!

When the sun came out it was blinding I needed my sunglasses again. Half way round the walk I was boiling and a layer came off. For all those people complaining it’s cold already, you don’t know what you are talking about! I love this time of year and the transition from Summer to Autumn, it’s not to cold when you are out and about and then come the evening time you are happy to be inside and cosy up with a hot chocolate and a film. September weather can be so unpredictable and I for one love it!

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