The Barn at Scorton

This was our first visit to the famous Barn at Scorton and we loved it! I still can’t believe we have lived up here for 15 years and have never been. It’s a wonderful place full of bits (best way to describe it). A shop that goes on and on full to the brim with stock of everything imaginable.

Of course November has hit so the Christmas decorations were out, but I’m not quite there yet in terms of christmas decoration buying, so we didn’t spend much time looking at the christmas bits. I will say though it all looked very sparkly and wonderful and exciting!

The place is full of all sorts, we spent a long time smelling candles and bath bombs I even purchased a really cool candle that looks like a cupcake and smells incredible! really looking forward to lighting that in these autumn evenings. There are plenty of gift cards which is very exciting to me as I have started to collect cards for all occasions because I hate that mad rush before someones birthday and trying to find them a card. There is also a beauty gifting stand and on that I found some really fun dog and tiger face masks to try out.

Overall a fun place full of all sorts, from perfect presents to treats for yourself and we will 100% be going back closer to christmas to take a closer look at the decorations. (oh and the chocolate fudge cake in the cafe is YUM!)

visit yourself.

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