New Year!

2017 was amazing, I couldn’t of asked for a better year.

I kicked off the year with a switch over the Accessorize and I’m so happy I made that decision, my stress levels have halved and all the staff are great.

I met my lovely Joel and couldn’t be happier, we had our first holiday together and I look forward to the next.

Mum and I went to crufts dog show this year and had the most amazing time, so happy we had the opportunity to go.

Josie and I saw Craig David in Liverpool and had a fabulous time sleeping in a pod.

I watched one of my best friends get married!

I cut 8 inches of hair off for The Little Princess Trust, and raised £90.

We brought home our little Clover and I absolutely love her to pieces she is the best little puppy ever.

Mum and Dad opened a gallery and my sister graduated! Oh and my Dad filmed a TV appearance with Ben Fogle! Very proud.

Had a lovely family holiday to Richmond, which was a much needed escape and a great chance to catch up with everyone.

I feel very lucky that I have so many great friends that have made my year so much fun, you all know who you are.

I started painting again and I got my first wrapping paper design printed and I’m really excited to get going with more designs in the new year and start selling them.

Apart from getting food poisoning and loosing little Rolo r.i.p, this has been the best year.

Looking forward to 2018 … I’m in a positive and happy mindset and I know this is going to be a great year to follow on from the last.

I am finally in a happy relationship with someone I share everything with and love to bits.

It’s Show year at Dance, and I can’t wait to get creating my routines for the kids!

I have already placed a huge order on hobbycraft ready to get creating and selling. My head is full of ideas for paintings and cards and I just need to push myself this year to do what I love. Art really is my passion and I can’t let it go without trying, I will never know unless I try and 2018 is my year!

Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018!

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