New Year New Discoveries

I love starting a new year and starting afresh. One of the things I love is discovering new products and little everyday things, so far this year I have a few new amazing discoveries. Tiny discoveries that have made me happy!

1 – Barry M under the sea nail varnish in shade Butterflyfish. This nail varnish is a stunning iridescent blue/purple and I love it! any fellow mermaid lovers out there will appreciate this alongside my mermaid ring, LOVE! there is something about a new nail varnish that puts a spring in my step and a smile on my face. It really is all about the small things in life.

2 – Tassel earrings are my new favourite accessory, they are so over the top and extra but I love it. I really like to make a statement with my jewellery, I rarely wear tiny delicate pieces so tassel earrings are everything I am about.

3 – Ghost Dream Eau de Perfum this is the perfect amount of sweet and floral. I am more drawn to sweet perfumes and this one is lovely. A spray of this in the mornings brightens my mood.

4 – Tetley Super Green Tea boost in Berry Burst flavour a strange little discovery but I was shopping for my lunch and was starting to feel really run down due to work and teaching dance twice a week. I have now been having one of these everyday since I discovered them they are so tasty and 100% boost my mood and energy.

5 – The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil range this smells incredible! I needed a new body butter and wanted to treat myself to a body shop one as they are the best. I went into my local store and saw that the body butter was £15 but the set of the body butter, shower gel and body scrub was £20! what a bargain. Now after every shower I smell of this amazing scent it’s wonderful.

6 – Gosh Strobe’N Glow Kit Blush 002. This palette is great there are two blush shades one is matte one is sparkly. There is also a highlight and a bronze shade. It’s the perfect palette to pop in your handbag for nights away. Amazing quality and amazingly pigmented, the bottom left blusher is my new favourite blush.

It’s the little things in life 🙂

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